Who We Are

Dr. Jill Rogers is an activist, scholar, writer, and educator originally from the US. As a Lecturer in Music at the University College Cork in Ireland, she teaches and researches relationships between music, trauma, social justice, and healing. Jill has taught at Indiana University and the University of California Los Angeles, where she received her PhD in 2014. Her interests in French modernism, affect and psychoanalytic theory, and trauma and performance studies coalesce in her current book project, Resonant Recoveries: Music and Trauma Between the Wars (forthcoming, OUP), which examines how French musicians affected by the modern warfare and immense losses of World War I understood music making as a therapeutic bodily practice. In her spare time, Jill enjoys running, swimming, hiking, doing yoga, sampling craft beer (especially IPAs!), knitting, and spending time with her adorable cat, Mishka.

Matthew Friedman is a historian, writer, filmmaker, and photographer in the New York City area. His research focuses on 20th century American sound cultures and avant-garde music. He teaches US and digital history at Rutgers University, Newark. In addition to his scholarly work, he is the writer, host, and producer of No Sounds Are Forbiddenand has worked as a journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Montreal Gazette, The National Post, Wired News, and InternetWeek.